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  • WaTeR
    VIDEO Davinci, Water, and 3-6-9... EVERYTHING IS FREQUENCY! DO YOU BELIEVE LEONARDO DAVINCI WAS TRYING TO TELL YOU THIS? Water experiment showing how our body has its own electric frequency, displaying it on the wall. Amazing stuff! 💦✨⚡️ ... CDC Warns of Increasing Potentially Deadly Outbreaks from Drinking Tap Water... Legionella-associated outbreaks are now the leading cause of water-related outbreaks, hospitalizations, and deaths throughout the nation, according to the CDC. Legionella, a type of bacteria that can form hazardous biofilms, is responsible for causing the potentially fatal Legionnaires’ disease, a severe form of pneumonia. Between 2015 and 2020, Legionella was the bacteria “most implicated” in outbreaks associated with public water systems, causing 92 percent of such outbreaks, the CDC noted in its newest report “Surveillance of Waterborne Disease Outbreaks Associated with Drinking Water.” The number of Legionella-associated outbreaks in the U.S. fluctuated annually, with 14 outbreaks in 2015, 31 in 2016, 30 in 2017, 34 in 2018, and 33 in 2019, before declining to 18 in 2020. Collectively, these Legionella-associated outbreaks accounted for 37 percent of all waterborne illnesses (876 cases), 97 percent of hospitalizations (544 cases), and 98 percent of deaths (86 cases) during the five-year period, according to the report. Each year, waterborne pathogens, including Legionella, sicken more than 7 million Americans, with 118,000 of these cases requiring hospitalization and 6,630 resulting in death. The burden of waterborne diseases is over $3 billion in direct health care costs.
  • Creating stars in the waters
    VIDEO using sound to make a star in the waters... Sonoluminescence: the researchers collapse an underwater bubble with a sound wave and light is produced. There are no clear theories why
  • Tucker discusses what's in the waters
    VIDEO WHOA: Tucker Carlson confirms supernatural beings exist, particularly in the ocean:... "What is the U.S. government's relationship with these things? There's evidence that there is a relationship and that it's longstanding—People have been hurt by these things. That's a fact."
  • Electric Rain
    Electric Rain, warning to East Coast USA Red Dawn (2012) - "Failed attack" Clip... VIDEO Electric Weather - Part 1 - "They Messed Up" ... VIDEO Electric Weather - Part 2 - "We're in Trouble" ... Scientists are zapping clouds with electricity to make rain ... CNN — With a harsh, desert climate and an average rainfall of just four inches (10 cm) a year, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) needs more freshwater. In search of a solution, it has been funding science projects from around the world to try to make it rain. One of these projects involves using catapults to launch small unmanned aircraft which zap clouds with an electric charge.
  • Red Heifers
    Jews Prepare to Slaughter Red Heifers at Al-Aqsa to Fulfill Prophecy... According to Jewish tradition, the ashes of a perfectly red heifer cow are needed for the ritual purification that would allow a Third Temple to be built in Jerusalem's Old City known as the Temple Mount. There are fears this could strengthen calls for the demolition of Al Aqsa Mosque and escalate tensions in the region. The Red Heifer and the Third Temple in End-Time Prophecy... “The Lord said to Moses and Aaron: “This is a requirement of the law that the Lord has commanded: Tell the Israelites to bring you a red heifer without defect or blemish and that has never been under a yoke. … This will be a lasting ordinance both for the Israelites and for the aliens living among them.” (Numbers 19:1–2, 10) The Dome of the Rock stands defiantly on the Temple Mount where the Holy Temple once stood. The Second Temple was destroyed by the Romans in AD 70 after the Jewish People fought to keep the Temple pure from Romanmore... In Numbers 19 of the Old Testament, an 'unblemished' and perfectly red 'heifer' is slaughtered and burned for purification. They claim the ritual is necessary for the coming of their messiah, the antichrist. They seek to rebuild the third temple, presently in Jerusalem, known as the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Pax Judaica will rule for a day, like a week. 'Pax' means peace, but they will bring war. VIDEO The Red Heifer explained........ Wild times we are living in..... #WeWantAnswers
  • Project Redlight
    Project Redlight II - William Cooper - Bill Cooper... "Project Redlight and Project Redlight II were the very first videos produced about Area 51, also known as Dreamland. Contains more information than any other production. A historic classic video unlike anything else you have ever seen. An Area 51 junky must view."
  • Tokenized Asssets
    Tokenized Real Estate Project PropyKeys Announces Public Launch... Users can earn PRO tokens by minting and storing onchain addresses and title deeds. PropyKeys, a tokenized real estate project deployed on Base, an Ethereum Layer 2 network, has opened its doors to the public. Anyone can now use the PropyKeys app to mint digital addresses corresponding to physical properties, ranging from home addresses to global landmarks. The project aims to enhance property deed security by shifting from paper-based to digital systems on the blockchain, thereby combating deed fraud and streamlining the process of buying and selling homes. PropyKeys is a part of the Propy ecosystem, whose PRO token is up 45% in the past month but remains 85% below its 2018 high.
  • holly-WOOD
    Where to BEGIN? Well, the ENDINGS were ALL the SAME "SUICIDED" by way of HANGING by (Usually) a SCARF on Closet DOORNOB. In Cornell's case, it was an exercise belt, but the CIRCUMSTANCES & MESSAGE were the SAME.
  • Earthquake Device
    I am a geologist, and I know what I am talking about. With the Kobe earthquake in Japan, there was no pulsewave as in a normal earthquake. None. In 1989, there was an earthquake in San Francisco. There was no pulse wave with that one either." Shortly after this presentation, Phil was found dead in his apartment with a piano wire wrapped around his neck. End quote... more...
  • Allodial titles
    VIDEO How to claim your land... Allodial title for land and MCO title for automobile
  • Cure for Cancer?
    100% Cancer Remission Achieved in ALL Patients of Groundbreaking Study... Dr. Andrea Cercek, one of the lead researchers, said: “It’s absolutely incredible ... We’ve certainly never seen this before.” All 12 patients experienced complete rectal cancer remission after receiving dostarlimab, a monoclonal antibody. This particular monoclonal antibody achieved 100% cancer remission without chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, or the toxic side effects that come with such therapies. The authors wrote: “All 12 patients (100%; 95% confidence interval) had a clinical complete response, with no evidence of tumor on magnetic resonance imaging ... and no cases of progression or recurrence had been reported during follow-up (range, 6 to 25 months after treatment). No adverse events of grade 3 or higher have been reported.” How does this monoclonal antibody actually work? Dr. Andrea Cercek explained that it essentially unlocks the body’s ability to heal itself. VIDEO 100% Cancer Remission...
  • Eclipsed
    VIDEO showing the moon in the sky away from the eclipsing sun...... What's eclipsing the sun? VIDEO According to Auntie, on April 8th, there will be more than just an eclipse... Eclipse, Aleph and X over the US, Devil's Comet, NASA's the Serpent Mission, CERN hadron collider, VIDEO Simpons eclipse... What did you notice about the Simpsons episode about the Solar Eclipse? Solar Eclipse 2024 connection to Egyptian Plagues... Interesting…all eyes will be observing this phenomenon, that’s for sure
  • The Zoroastrian Prophecies
    David Wilcock LIVE: Hindu and Zoroastrian Prophecies... Join David in a tour-de-force presentation of Hindu and Zoroastrian prophecies, interplanetary climate change and current events that are shaping our world. We will discuss specific 'eschatological' prophecies relating to the end of the world -- and how they map out with modern-day, dramatic solar system changes tracked by NASA. Additionally, we will get "up to date" with the Alliance and see where we are in this timeline today. The good news is that major negative events were offset -- and we appear to have been granted more time. Don't miss this stunning exploration where science and spirit meet!
  • The Start (4/8)
  • Making a Wi-fi antenna
    VIDEO how to make a long distance wifi antenna... Make your own Wi-Fi connection👇
  • Vitamin K
    """True Story: A friend of mine just had a baby via emergency c-section and is currently still in the hospital recovering while her baby is in the NICU. This mother has been through more than any human being could ever imagine having to go through over a lifetime and is still one of the sweetest, strongest women. She chose to decline the vitamin K shot for her baby because as you can see from the package insert there are clear warnings and because the hospital she is in couldn't pressure her into changing her mind, they then called CPS on her. Yes, you read that right. CPS was called on her for declining something she has every legal right to decline and every logical reason to decline. Thankfully another friend of mine, Erin Crawford, was able to be at the hospital when the hospital social worker came in. And you know what? The hospital was scared of the facts Erin was presenting. So much so.. they brought in the head of nursing, the attending physician, and the hospital administrator to the room to discuss what she was presenting to them. After 40 minutes of talking to them, the head of nursing and the attending physician ADMITTED they had no idea the Vit K shot has a black box warning (strictest warning put on the labeling of drugs by the FDA when there is reasonable evidence of an association of a serious hazard.) The hospital lawyer ADMITTED the consent and refusal forms that are given to patients when declining said drugs do not fully inform the patient and are illegal, apologized profusely and promised to revise the forms. They then could do nothing else but promise to leave this poor mother alone.. which is great! But this shouldn't have happened to begin with and it happens ALL the time. First of all, why is CPS being called on parents for no reason other than harassment? Second of all, why didn't the doctor and nurse know that the Vit K shot, they were not only recommending but harassing a patient into giving her newborn baby, has a black box warning? Shouldn't doctors know every detail about every drug they prescribe? Thirdly, why is the hospital giving consent and refusal forms that do not adequately inform patients of the risks associated with every drug they are consenting to? Fourthly, why is the Vit K shot being given to EVERY SINGLE newborn baby when it clearly states on the package insert that it should only be given when the serious risk involved is considered justified? Edited to note: For those of you questioning whether VIT K is administered subcutaneously or intramuscularly, it was confirmed by the doctors at this hospital as well as birth professionals in the comments on this post that standard practice is intramuscular."""
  • Edgar Cayce on WWIII
    80 Years Ago Edgar Cayce Predicted Putin’s Role in Stopping WW3... In a series of what he called ‘World Affairs Readings,’ Cayce made many remarkable statements about the future of world finance, world leadership, collective spirituality, and interestingly the role that somehow Russia was to play as a force of right in the coming global turmoil that we see unfolding before our eyes today. The Thorn in the Side of Europe. Cayce foresaw that future world crises would hinge on finance, and he pointed to Russia as being the thorn in the side of the financial powers that were organizing themselves against the good of humanity in a post WWII world.
  • Putin
    On to the story... The original Putin was said to have been deranged mobster and gangster, according to members of the Russian government. He would kill anyone who got in his way or anyone he simply wasn’t a fan of. Everyone around him lived in fear of their lives. Russian officials got together and filed charges against Putin for all the murders he’d committed. Below, you will see pictures of Putin jailed inside of a courtroom. A #guilty verdict was quickly handed down and Putin was “swiftly” executed that evening in December 2011, for crimes against humanity and extreme torture of his victims. I first found a video on YouTube of Mrs. Putin claiming the new Putin was not her husband and that he was removed from their home one night in 2010 by Russian officials and he was never seen by her again. A few weeks later, a different man was dropped off to their home and the military tells her the man is her husband. It is clear to her he is not... Trump and Putin were the only two “Super Power” leaders, leading the fight against the Cabal together for the first few years. I believe this #plan has been in works for decades and as soon as Putin was replaced and Trump was installed, just as from Dark to Light, the real game of saving this planet could begin... more...
  • Did Hitler try to take out the Rothschilds?
    By taking Germany out of the Rothschild owned banking system he transformed Germany into a superpower. The Rothschild family had attempted to infiltrate America through its banking system from the day, America was formed. They were blocked by President Andrew Jackson, but ultimately were able to gain control through the passing of the federal reserve act in 1913.
  • Thorium Shift
    🚨US Debt Clock: CERN TIME MACHINE 🚨 Original secret window post 2-4-2024: Upgrade Your Thinking ... While the world is caught up in distractions, CERN is quietly seeking Thorium, a crucial element for orchestrating a shift without triggering a Mandela effect. Huge shout-out to @MichelleMB1222 ! 🙏 Follow and express gratitude for her invaluable contribution to decoding this intriguing puzzle. 🙌"Know What You Hold!!!" 🧠
  • Discovered tape from The Beatles in another dimension
    The following is an actual account of my experiences as of recently. Because of the nature of what has happened I must remain anonymous until I feel it is safe to reveal my real name, but for now you can refer to me as James Richards.... On Sept. 9, 2009 I experienced something that I still am having trouble believing happened to me. I came into the possession of a cassette tape containing a Beatles album that was never released. In fact, not only was it never released but it was recorded many years after they broke up (and no I'm not talking about Klaatu).
  • Alternative/Natural Remedies
    WHAT SALT ARE YOU USING?... VIDEO about benefits of nicotine in foods binding to ace-2 receptors (fighting COVID)... VIDEO Borax for arthritis... 🤔The Untold Truth of #borax ? Banned in 30 countries: Here is why. #arthritis 1980s Borax conspiracy document PDF: The Borax Conspiracy... PEOPLE USE CASTOR OIL FOR THEIR FACE / HAIR / BODY! ... CASTOR OIL IS ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL OILS! IT CAN SHRINK + DESTROY: ❤️‍🩹TUMORS ❤️‍🩹LUMPS / BUMPS ❤️‍🩹CYSTS ❤️‍🩹BOWEL BLOCKAGES ❤️‍🩹GOUT / ARTHRITIS VIDEO weeds that are food and medicine... Pharmaceutical companies can't profit from dandelion Do you know what honey and jalapeños do for the guts? Must Watch👇🏽... VIDEO Mucus and how to heal your brain from diseases.... Alzheimers - mucus, calcium, copper, and carbon If you're getting garlic from the market, be sure to know this. Must Watch👇🏽👇🏽... Are you consuming cyanocobalamin?... ARE YOU DRINKING THIS? I HOPE NOT!!! Cyanocobalamin... Cyanocobalamin is a synthetic compound of vitamin B12 used to treat vitamin deficiencies. Chemically, cyanocobalamin is classified as a "corrinoid," representing a crystallizable cobalt complex. The name "cyanocobalamin" is derived from including a cyanide group within the molecule. Cyanocobalamin is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for pernicious anemia, malabsorption, atrophic gastritis, gastrectomy, Helicobacter pylori infection, and other conditions. Vitamin B12 facilitates several methylation reactions within the body. Methylcobalamin serves as a cofactor in the conversion of homocysteine to methionine in the body. Furthermore, in the form of adenosylcobalamin, the vitamin is crucial in converting methylmalonyl-coenzyme A (CoA) to succinyl-CoA. Both of these reactions are essential for cell division and growth. This activity provides a comprehensive review of cyanocobalamin, covering the indications, mechanism of action, adverse event profile, contraindications, and relevant interactions, as a valuable agent managing vitamin B12 deficiencies. This review is particularly relevant for interprofessional healthcare teams who care for patients with indicated conditions to enhance long-term outcomes. Food Additive in Pizza, Pancakes Linked to Lower Sperm Counts... Dr. Naomi Wolf sounded the alarm about sodium aluminum phosphate, a food additive found in many baked goods and processed foods, citing peer-reviewed studies suggesting ingesting aluminum compounds could lead to oxidative stress, DNA damage and decreased testosterone levels and sperm counts in male mammals. 80% of Americans test positive for chemical found in Cheerios, Quaker Oats that may cause infertility, delayed puberty: study... Four out of five Americans are being exposed to a little-known chemical found in popular oat-based foods — including Cheerios and Quaker Oats — that is linked to reduced fertility, altered fetal growth and delayed puberty. The Environmental Working Group published a study in the Journal of Exposure Science & Environmental Epidemiology on Thursday that found a staggering 80% of Americans tested positive for a harmful pesticide called chlormequat. The “highly toxic agricultural chemical” is federally allowed to be used on oats and other grains imported to the US, according to the EWG. When applied to oat and grain crops, chlormequat alters a plant’s growth, preventing it from bending over and thus making it easier to harvest, per the EWG.
  • A.I. and Quantum Computing
    50% of U.S. Employers Already Using AI to Track Employees’ Emotions... A wide range of industries are using emotion artificial intelligence, a technology that uses vocal tone, facial expressions, data from wearable devices and monitors text and how people use their computers to detect and predict how someone is feeling. How RAG makes generative AI tools even better... Retrieval augmented generation, or 'RAG' for short, creates a more customized and accurate generative AI model that can greatly reduce anomalies such as hallucinations. VIDEO on how to disable a robotic dog... 62 grain green tip, paint ball, and oil and sand balloons #BREAKING Vast Library of Ancient Scrolls ls on Brink of Being Unlocked 800 scrolls and tablets were just excavated from Julius Caesars' closet in Rome. These scrolls and tablets contain the history of the world. The archeologists will attempt to use AI to decipher and translate them. There's also open source software available online where you can translate hieroglyphics, cuneiform, sanskrit, Aramaic, etc. I've studied the history of the world. I know how to translate them all without the benefit of AI. I actually wish this tech/software was available back in the day, if I'm being totally honest. I've done an extensive drop that's actually up on my subchannel here. It's the longest 💊 thread I've ever done on here. All of the research, docs, etc. is all there. It's not for the faint of heart. It's the deepest rabbit hole you've ever encountered. However, the truth must be told. Everyone will know the truth anyway after this shitshow movie. It's best to prepare yourselves for it now. And no, I won't release it publicly. Many still can't grasp the real makeup of the earth. In this video, the anchors poke fun at the tablets. But I guarantee it that once the tablets are decoded and translated, they won't be laughing then. As a matter of fact, it'll be another media blackout on the truth. Blockchains May Counterbalance AI, Andreessen’s Dixon Says... The crypto industry is getting a fresh start, according to Chris Dixon, general partner at venture firm Andreessen Horowitz. “There was obviously FTX and a lot of negative things that happened,” Dixon said during a Bloomberg Television interview Tuesday. “I now see a real renaissance beginning.”
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